Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My blog's focus is about to dramatically shift. Much as I'm sure the world loved hearing my thoughts on life, the fact is they get kind of old, and to be honest I only have so many. Well, not really. I have a lot. But if I carry on as I have for too long, it'll just be a succession of movies I hate, people I think are cool, and jobs I think are lame, and all you fans will start to smell a rat - and stop reading.

But don't worry. I have moved from Sunny Dunedin to Sunnier Saigon. That's right - Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam. So I suppose this blog is, for the time being, a travel blog. The lessons to be learned travelling are, after all, far more interesting than the lessons to be learned living in your parents' attic.

At least I hope so.

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  1. You continue to be an inspiration to us all.